Crystal ball

Just a few short weeks ago, the “experts” declared the bottom is in. Now they are warning the sky is falling … again.

Investment scam warning

“5 Investment Scam Red Flags • “Guaranteed” high investment returns, supposedly with little or no risk, and sounding too good to be true.• Unlicensed or unregistered sellers. Use to check out the background of anyone offering you an investment in securities.• Skyrocketing account values. Investments that appear to rapidly increase in value are often …

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A number of media outlets are reporting that Google shares will be “less expensive” after the split. That’s not accurate.

New bond price targets

“BofA is also slashing its 10y Treasury end ’22 forecast from 3.50% to 2.75% and end ’23 forecast from 3.25% to 2.50%. The cuts come as BofA’s economics team yesterday also slashed its forecast to reflect a US recession in 2022 and materially lowered the Fed funds rate path with the terminal Fed funds rate lowered from …

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New price targets

“Bank of America strategist Savita Subramanian slashed the price on the S&P 500 to 3600 – a new Street low – from the prior 4500. The strategist’s “floor” for the S&P 500 is 3000-3200 before year-end.”

S&P 500 price target

UBS cut the S & P 500 price target to 4,150 in 2022, and 4,400 in 2023, based on revised real and nominal 10-year yield forecasts. Those estimates are down from 4,850 and 5,000, respectively.

Make up your mind

One source says “Tesla could double by …” (for example). One source says “Tesla could be cut in half.” Each source wants you to sign-up and pay for a subscription. Who said more money is made from giving financial advice than taking it?